CNC’d Side Stand Plate


I recently got a motorcycle, and since I have a CNC milling machine, there’s plenty of excuse to try my hand at making some farkles for the bike.  My friend also happens to ride a V-Strom DL-650, and needed a kickstand plate so her side stand wouldn’t sink into the dirt where she parks her moto.

Add a little bit of CAD/CAM time, a bad ‘Strom pun, and a couple hours with the CNC machine, and you get what you see here.

I have a few other projects in the works for my motorcycle, mostly in the name of making it more comfortable and safer to ride.  I’m a tall guy, and my little EX500 is a bit cramped for me.  So, I’m working on a design for some handlebar risers, and also some mirror extensions so I don’t have to keep ducking my elbows in to see who is behind me.  More on that as the projects evolve.  The materials are on order and CAD/CAM work is underway…

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