More Custom Mountain Bike Parts

I finally got the CNC  mill running well enough to actually run a couple of parts.  My friend had trashed the skid plates that we made for his mountain bike, and he need a couple of new ones.  My machine has been out of commission for a while, since I took it apart last year to do some upgrades and improvements.  It’s still in a lot of pieces, but it’s working well enough to run some parts.

Since I didn’t get any video of the process last time, I thought it would be good to shoot a bit of footage showing the process, as well as showing the machine running with the new electronics.  A couple of nice new things are working here, including the spindle being under CNC control.  I used the old G-Code we generated back in the summer of 2011, but I had to add in a bit of code to have it start and stop the spindle.

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