Road Blogging Tech

On my adventuring blog, I’ve grown to enjoy posting GPS track logs and photos as well as text upon returning from a trip.  Since I was going to be on the road/water for a long period of time, I wanted a means of posting updates with the same rich content from the field – not ...

Inexpensive MSO

A friend pointed out this inexpensive MSO.  $250 for a lot of capability.  Looks like it’d be great for a home lab, or even for light professional work.

Caught the CNC Bug 3

I’ve always been fascinated by CNC machines.  They fall pretty squarely in the middle of my interests: computers, electronics, mechanical widgets, and makin’ stuff. I was inspired a few years back when I saw a colleague’s home-brew CNC conversion in his basement.  I had idle thoughts of doing such a thing myself someday, but the ...

Affordable Digital Scopes 1

Rigol is a company selling Chinese-made digital scopes for very affordable prices.  Their DS1000E/D series is especially interesting, with entry level (50MHz/2channel) units going for as little as $500USD. I ran across these scopes on David L. Jones’s EE Video Blog, which is pretty entertaining.  He has a brief review of the scope series and ...

The SOHA Headphone Amplifier

Back in the summer of 2007, I constructed a kit of the SOHA (Stoopid Op-amp Headphone Amplifier), based on the PCB from Glass Jar Audio.  The amp has acted as my workhorse for my office headphone setup since then, and I’ve been quite pleased with it, despite a minor complaint or two.