Smoker Controller Enclosure (2010)

My friend Dan built a cool microcontroller-based temperature system to run his electric smoker.  Once he had the electronics running, he asked if I could help him out by making a nicer enclosure than the one he made using a Dremel tool.  I took it as an opportunity to increase my skills on my new CNC mill, and ended up making a pretty nice looking case with some artistic touches.  I was able to use the engraving attachment that I had recently built for the mill, so the enclosure even features back-painted engraved text.  The enclosure is built into a Carlon PVC electrical enclosure with significant modifications to the front panel.  A back-painted transparent polycarbonate insert allows the LCD to show through, yet provides protection for the display.  The controller circuit board is mounted to a “mezzanine” piece which creates the proper offsets for connection to a rotary encoder knob.

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