Blogging on the Road (2009)

Before I owned a proper smart phone, I hacked together a setup to blog from the road from a Nokia N800 Mobile Internet Device.  This was built mostly around a collection of off-the-shelf bits and pieces including a point-and-shoot camera, folding Bluetooth keyboard, a Garmin GPS receiver, and a small Pelican case to hold it all together.  I made a simple battery pack and a cable to connect the GPS to the N800, and added a liberal dose of Linux shell scripting to collate all of the data and upload it to my server when I had connectivity.

Of course, these days (and probably in “those days” too), practically any smart phone can do all of this in one small package, as simply as downloading a mobile WordPress app.  Still, it was fun to glue together a bunch of stuff that I already had on hand to make it useful for a task for which it wasn’t quite intended.

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