Motorcycle Handlebar Risers (2010)

My first motorcycle, a Kawaski EX500, was quite small for me.  I decided I wanted to try a set of handlebar risers to see if it would improve the ergonomics, and rather than buying them, I ended up designing a set that was similar to those commercially available.  I added a feature to create a mounting point for accessories like a GPS, but ultimately I sold that bike before I ever ended up using that feature.

This ended up being one of the first projects where I really put my Tormach Tooling System to the test on my CNC mill.

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  • CNC Moto Bar Risers Posted on: June 25, 2010
    My little EX500 bike is a bit cramped for me.  One of the worst problems is that my wrists, especially my throttle wrist, have been going numb even after only short rides.  I thought it would be worth trying some handlebar risers to bring the grips a bit closer to me, and improve the angle more