USB Pendant Hacking 1

I’ve been knee-deep in USB and LCD hacking, playing around some concepts for a control pendant for my CNC mill.  It was a good excuse to exercise my rusty skills on the EZ-USB microcontroller, which I haven’t used in years, but was the basis for many projects from the past. The first experiments were to ...

Pendant Links

So I don’t lose these links, here are some fancy advanced pendants that someone has implemented for EMC2, along with the underlying software necessary. I have already experimented a bit with hidcomp, trying out a USB gamepad to drive my mill around. HIDComp GenericHID Fancy Lathe Pendant

USB Host Mode on Motorola Droid

It’s good to note that someone’s been making some progress getting USB host mode to work on the Droid… I have a few ideas for things to do with this, though it seems like they’re all going to involve rooted phones to be useful.

Road Blogging Tech

On my adventuring blog, I’ve grown to enjoy posting GPS track logs and photos as well as text upon returning from a trip.  Since I was going to be on the road/water for a long period of time, I wanted a means of posting updates with the same rich content from the field – not ...