Diansu DS-982 Solder Paste Dispenser 4

I did a review, mini-teardown, and test of an imported pneumatic solder paste dispenser that I picked up on eBay.

Experiments in Drag Soldering 2

Here’s a quick video I did of my first experiments with drag soldering using a new Metcal hoof tip that I picked up on eBay.  This video only shows the technique on Small Outline (SO) packages, which are pretty easy to solder by hand, regardless of technique.  With minor alterations in technique, drag soldering works ...

eBay Hot Air Rework Tool Review

Based on Dan’s review and Dave Jones’ review, I picked up a Kendal 899D hot air/soldering iron rework station off of eBay for about $80.   These tools seem to be good value for the money.  The hot air section works well enough, though the soldering iron has uninspiring performance at best.  They are available on ...

Soldering Techniques from Youtube 4

Ran across this: