Droid Car Dock (2011-2012)

This project was featured on Hackaday on February 4, 2011.

For this mostly mechanical project, I designed and fabricated a universal smart phone mounting dock for my car.  I also created a removable docking adapter which converts modified off-the-shelf smart phone holders to the docking scheme.  The docking adapter can be removed and stowed away when not in use to reduce the chance of theft, leaving behind what is admittedly a somewhat ugly docking connector.

The docking connector carries power for charging and running the phone while it is docked.  Audio is not carried over the docking connector, but is instead handled with Bluetooth A2DP.

I have built adapters for the two generations of smart phones that I have owned so far: Original Generation Droid, and a Droid Razr Maxx.  The beauty is that I never had to change the car side of the docking system when I changed phones, I merely reworked the phone bracket side.

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