Lathe! 2

Back in May I ordered a Grizzly G0602 metalworking lathe, expecting it to arrive within a week or so.  Unfortunately they were out of stock, but about 2 months after I placed the order, it arrived at the UPS Freight terminal near Manchester airport in NH.  The arrival was a bit of a surprise, as ...

Another Mill Upgrade (with a Plot Twist) 3

Some time last year, I found this link and went as far as getting in touch with Harbor Freight to try to order the telescopic metal way cover from the Sieg KX3 CNC machine. I dropped the project once I learned it would take months and cost a lot. Last week I noticed that LMS was ...

New Mill Upgrade Delivery

I lucked into picking up an extended table for my milling machine.  Sieg made a large table version of the SX3 mill but only sold it outside of the USA.   Little Machine Shop happened into getting just five of the tables as “replacement parts,” which turned out to be the last five they will ...

Pelican Case Motorcycle Luggage Project – Part 4 3

I made the other locking mechanism for the other piece of luggage this weekend and I made a little video showing some of the CNC process, as well as a clip showing the cases and locks in action.

Pelican Case Motorcycle Luggage Project – Part 3 1

With the new riding season upon us, I decided it was time to try to finish up my Pelican case motorcycle luggage project that I started last summer.  When I left off, the cases could be easily mounted and removed from the Givi racks on the bike, but there was no locking at all, leaving ...

How-To: Install SW-Motech Center Stand on V-Strom

I recently installed a center stand on my V-Strom DL650 motorcycle, and decided it was a good opportunity to make my first how-to video.  Check it out on YouTube below.

Ampeg Bass Amp Repair Part 1 3

I’ve had my uncle’s broken Ampeg SVT-4 Pro sitting down in my electronics lab for a couple of years now.  The story was that the amplifier failed before a gig, with output being practically nil, but just barely audible.  Not long after it stopped working, we tried a few simple things to fix it to no ...


Leftovers from several CNC projects.

Spring Loaded Engraving Tool

Ran across this cool custom engraving tool holder that should solve the problem of inconsistent material heights when engraving.  Once I get a lathe maybe I’ll think about making one.  The rest of the blog is pretty cool if you’re in to over-the-top flight simulator cockpits!

I Want to Live in Japan

Because they have awesome retail electronics parts shops. Be sure to watch more at Tokyo Hackerspace.