Pelican Case Motorcycle Luggage Project – Part 4

I made the other locking mechanism for the other piece of luggage this weekend and I made a little video showing some of the CNC process, as well as a clip showing the cases and locks in action.

[youtube G11ICyVaXdY]

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  1. Are you going to produce these quick release mounts for the Pelican/Givi rack combination? I’ve been looking for something like this.

  2. Hallo …
    firstly – excuse please my english …
    I come from Slovakia … your hand-products are very ineristing… you are very skilful … I have the same problem as you had in the past. I need to install aluminium luggage on my GIVI rack … But in Slovakia nobody produce it…

    Can you help me?? It is possible to buy lock for GIVI ?? from you or elsewhere??

    Thank you for your answer …

    I wish you all the best in your personal and working life !!!


  3. Unfortunately that Twisted Throttle system is not Givi-compatible, and rather shoddily made. The lock doesn’t have much structure so it levers right off. They try to advertise this as an “advantage” where it’s the first thing to break in a crash, however, it’s also the first thing to break after a couple hundred miles of jouncing down the road.

    I came across your pages looking for something decent, but I guess I’ll have to American-engineer something myself, with maybe a hardware store cabinet latch or something.

    I’m trying to find a way to mount my 5KW chargers on my electric Zero, and they don’t fit in any of the recent “aerodynamic” super-rounded Givi bags, but they fit in the Pelican bags.

  4. Steve,

    Very nice indeed!

    It’s by far the most elegant solution, I’ve seen – and much better than the product uey refered Stanislav to above (both the “DrySpec Quick Release Mounting Kit” and the similar “Caribou DIY Side Case Mount Kit” requires replacement of the center Givi locking bracket, leaving all your existing Givi boxes useless)

    Did you ever consider prodcuing a small batch for sale? Well, if you at any point decide to, sign me up for 3! Or 6?

    Best Regards,


  5. Incredible work mate! I have the exact same bike and kits as you (including Givi racks and Pelican cases) and this is like the perfect solution I have been searching for! Functional and clean… The other DIY kits (including TwistedThrottle) don’t even come close…
    Sad to see you’re not considering doing some more for us watching, but man, you should!
    I’m still curious about how the inside of your case looks like finished, could you share?
    In any case, could you share your CAD files with me? I’ll see what my local CNC guy can do with them!


  6. Come on dude you gotta sell me some of these or send me the designs so i can get some made. I’m in Australia btw and the twisted throttle ones are discontinued

  7. Hi

    I saw this wonderful project you did as I was wanting to do the same kind of thing with some peli-cases to my V-Strom. Unfortunately the twisted throttle are no longer available. Do you still have your CAD files for it?


  8. Do u sell or license the design if someone want to make the adapter?

  9. Hello, Steve! Hope you´re doing great! I´m in the search of adapting my crossrock crf1000e guitar case to my Suzuki Vstrom 650 with a monokey system. So far, I’ve found the:

    1) Caribou DIY Side Case Mount Kit for Givi Monokey Luggage Racks:

    2) DrySpec Quick Release Mounting Kit For 2 Mil Spec Cases | Sidecase Setup

    3) Yours!

    I think yours is better! Congratulations on your skills. Hope i´m not bringing you 5-7 years to the past here, but I wonder what happened to this design? I´m planning a musical tour in my DL650 and I could promote de product, given that the are none other than the caribou one and I think it is very expensive.

    I’m an artist myself, I’m a music producer, have a recording studio, also a videographer and photographer, never got to coding but always wanted, instead I program in Ableton, Max 4 Live, and write and perform music; so I found a lot of interest in your activities. Thanks! =)



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