First PCBs Received!

Three boards.  The side with the serial # field is the top. A sparkly purple metallic bubble wrap package was waiting for me in the mailbox this evening when I arrived home.  I knew that it had to be the boards that I sent out back on January 2, arriving just a few days over the ~2 week time generally predicted by Laen.  The quality of the boards is excellent!  As promised, three boards of my design were delivered, and as an extra gift, Laen has thrown in one of his clever SMT-to-DIP adapter boards, which I’m sure will come in handy for some future prototyping project.  Thanks, Laen!  The boards are gold plated, deep purple soldermask (his “trademark”), and do have some leftover tabs which I can easily sand off with the belt sander.

Unfortunately this design is seriously boring in terms of function – it’s just a wiring adapter.  However, it represents the first PCB that I’ve had made in about ten years, and no matter what, it’s always cool to hold in your hand something that previously existed only on the computer screen.

My second board should follow along in about another week.  The third, and large board is a bit of a mystery, as I haven’t been able to get in touch with Laen to verify the board is in the next order, or pay him.  And, of course, today the dorkbotpdx site is black in protest of SOPA/PIPA.  Hopefully he’ll catch up on his email soon!

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