More Boards!


Another purple envelope was waiting for me in my mailbox when I arrived home this evening.  I noticed that Laen had mentioned he shipped the January 9th boards out on Saturday, but I didn’t expect to receive them essentially “next day” via USPS first class.

For the most part, the boards look great.  The only thing that seems to be an issue is on my top silkscreen layer.  I had some inverted text that said “Tangent Audio” next to the board name.  The inverted text appears to be gone completely.  The board name text also has some weird problems, like all the zeroes and O’s are filled in.  I used TrueType fonts for those, so they are definitely different than the usual stroke fonts used by default.  It’s possible that something from that is causing an issue in Laen’s panelizing software, or perhaps it causes problems at the fab he uses.  It’s not the end of the world, but I relied heavily on these fonts with the last three boards that I did, so I expect there may be some issues ahead.  Nothing that I can’t live with, but it’s disappointing when you discover that something was off in the process somewhere.

One of the photos below shows how this board will mate with the KBMG-212D DC motor drive.  Pin headers will protrude from this board, and will be screwed into the terminals on the drive.  Looks like my measurements were correct, and it should fit just fine.

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