Symphony of Steppers 3

I wired up all three axes today, and also hooked up the super high quality 200V DMM module that I picked up on eBay direct from China.

First XYZ test.

Here it is whirring away to the dulcet tones of Andrew Bird from my shop speakers.  It’s running the torus demo from the EMC2 live CD.

3 thoughts on “Symphony of Steppers

  1. Reply josh Oct 20, 2009 12:44 AM

    Andrew Bird and electronic things? You’re becoming a hipster. Next thing you’ll be riding a fixie.

  2. Reply Robyn Oct 21, 2009 7:03 PM

    I wish I knew what any of this stuff was. I trust it’s really full of awesomeness. Is that a flower on your monitor?

  3. Reply steve Oct 21, 2009 7:09 PM

    Robyn: The upshot of all of this stuff, once it’s attached to my milling machine, is that I’ll hopefully be able to more easily draw a part in CAD and then make it out of metal or plastic. Not quite as easy as “printing parts” but hopefully many steps closer.

    The thing that looks like a flower is half a torus (donut). If this were hooked up to the machine and everything was working, I’d be able to cut that 3D shape out of actual material.

    Josh: You know me. Designer glasses… Black turtlenecks…

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